Northern Touch Music Festival has gone online for the 2020 pandemic year. Our community needs assistance more than ever so, we designed a Showcase Series to help promote artist’s music, open up networking abilities and grow fan bases.

Your fans are craving live shows and events and we worked hard with over 40 acts to bring live music into the safety of viewers homes.

Please watch the 4 Showcase Series performances on our YouTube page!

NTMF2020 Showcase Series on Youtube

Education in a pandemic

Despite Northern Touch Music Festival & Conference going fully online this year, we still recognized a dire need for our community to be educated on how to advance their careers, especially during a pandemic.

Now more than ever, you as an artist, needs to learn how to adapt and grow during these hard times.

Partnering with Toronto/Atlanta star Shah, we bring you interviews with industry professionals to teach you how to apply strategies NOW to improve your income, fan-base & opportunities during these hard times.

Please click the link below to start watching!

Cue&A Talk Show

Since 1993

What is the Northern Touch Music Festival & Conference?

NTMF was created with the same DIY spirit, drive & resilience that helped shape Canadian hip-hop into what it has become today. We pay homage to the pioneers of Canadian hip-hop and guide ourselves using the same principles of our past artists and cultural trailblazers, to grow the Canadian industry and create tangible opportunities for artists seeking self-development. We put artists first. We break down barriers to accessing education and professional development and we bring value to indie artists worldwide.

We acknowledge the hard work and the struggle that each member of the Rascalz faced from the Canadian music industry, to fight for a space for hip-hop in Canada and the impact that has had on thousands of artists over the years. We thank you for what you did and continue to do.

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Becoming a donor to the Northern Touch Music Festival allows us to provide unique and diverse programming for Winnipeg's most educational and musical festival. We are here to help the musicians develop professionally and creatively while entertaining festival attendees with some of North America's finest emerging and established acts. Help us produce the best festival we can. Thank you!