Deviant Noise – Beats for days

We have to give a special shout-out to our latest sponsor, Deviant Noise — providing some of the dopest beats online!

When they heard we’re working to promote Canadian hip-hop, R&B and soul and create more opportunities for new artists, they offered to help. And we’re happy to team up with such a creative force for the urban music industry, led by local MC, Lyrical Militant, who is known to spit some impressive hard-hitting lyrics.

That’s what the Northern Touch Music Festival is all about — combining artistic skills with business savvy to create a rewarding career. Many people have doubted the hip-hop industry’s power since it’s inception, but from Winnipeg to Toronto to California to Hong Kong — hip-hop is everywhere and it will always be attracting fans from around the world. Deviant Noise is tapping into this industry, understanding its many quirks and connecting with other hip-hop heads through its blog and impressive Twitter following.

If you’re in the market for some beats for any kind of genre, check out for more information — and drop by their booth at Northern Touch.

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