Honey Dillionaires – Manitoba-made hilarity

There are vlogs, there are YouTube channels, and then there are the Honey Dillionaires – not your typical YouTube show.

Did you know Honey Dill sauce is a Manitoba concoction? Made famous by Mitzi’s Chicken Finger Restaurant in Downtown Winnipeg, the condiment has become so common in our restaurants that most people in the province don’t realize it’s unique to our prairie flatlands.

To state the obvious, this is where the inspiration for Honey Dillionaires comes from. It’s a Manitoba-made series that is hosted by local DJ, DJ Stop, and features other local artists SHEA and Cue. Their fans are known as “dillies” and their antics know no bounds – from blind craft beer taste tests to an oven mitt gauntlet challenge, you never know what random adventure they’ll come up with next.

We’re happy to have Honey Dillionaires sponsoring the Northern Touch Music Festival!

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