Learning from Industry Pros

Every struggling artist hears this tired cliché at some point in their career – “it all depends on who you know.”

While raw talent, passion and ambitious drive are more important than networking, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a successful artist who can’t point to an industry professional who made their success possible. Some people spend years networking and putting themselves out there before they meet that industry contact who sees their full potential and opens new doors.

In Canada – in the hip-hop / R&B / soul scene especially – these opportunities can be few and far between. The Northern Touch Music Festival is being launched to close that gap for Canadian artists.

Dozens of artists will have the opportunity to learn from successful professionals from Los Angeles, Toronto and Winnipeg. Not only will they access professional development, but artists will also showcase their skills for these industry pros and get the chance to reach a new audience.

Northern Touch promises to be a stellar line-up for the fans and an amazing experience for the artists.

Get your pass today!

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