Manitoba Music – Helping Artists Grow

We are excited to be teaming up with Manitoba Music to bring artists top-notch professional development opportunities at the Northern Touch Festival. Our artist workshops — featuring L.A.’s Dame Ritter and Forrest Blakk, Toronto’s Vanessa Cito and many of Manitoba’s local industry heavy-hitters — are taking place at Manitoba Music HQ (276 Donald Street).

It’s impossible to quantify how much this local industry association contributes to Manitoba’s music scene — and by extension Canada’s music scene. When we came to Manitoba Music with a vision for this festival, they agreed with the need for more exposure of Canada’s impressive hip-hop, R&B, and soul artists. Not only more exposure, but also more celebration of the diverse and talented art we deliver.

A celebration of all Canadian music

While we celebrate the history and future of hip-hop/R&B/soul in Canada, we are also a professional development platform for any and all musicians. From Neil Young and The Guess Who to Justin Bieber and Drake, we recognize the rich musical history in Manitoba and Canada — and it is important that we celebrate all aspects of this history.

This is the vision we brought to Manitoba Music, and they were eager to support this festival. For that we thank them, and we look forward to hosting many artists and fans during Canada Day weekend. Final stage venues will be announced soon, and artists are invited to submit their name for a performance spot by June 15.

Join us for a weekend of professional development and amazing talent June 30 – July 1. Register today.

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