Thank You FACTOR

Day One of the Northern Touch Music Festival has finally arrived!

We have to thank the good folks at FACTOR Canada who are helping make this festival possible.

FACTOR is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to supporting Canadian music and helping the industry grow.

If you’re a Canadian musician, you should be in touch with FACTOR — that’s why we created this festival. This organization connects artists with crucial resources that can help them turn their talents into a promising career. FACTOR’s programs not only provide financial support for recording artists, but they also work with Canadian labels, songwriters, publishers and event producers to help get them noticed in the industry.

We look forward to continuing this partnership into 2018! 🙌🏽

It’s an honour to have this industry leader supporting the Northern Touch Music Festival.

1 thought on “Thank You FACTOR”

  1. Waiting for the one of 2019 already, been there for 2 years since 2017, coming from one of your posts actually, and so glad I’ve decided to attend. Me and my pals sure had a blast there!

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